ROGER VOICE | Une innovation au service du handicap !

ROGER VOICE | Une innovation au service du handicap !

Because changing attitudes also involves a degree of ingenuity, creativity and a touch of audacity here and there, @talentEgal brings you the latest technological innovations that are helping people with disabilities. Discover something new every month in our IN Tech section!

1.4 billion – the number of smartphones sold globally in 2015.

221 – the average number of times we look at our smartphones in a day.

70 million – the number of hearing-impaired or deaf people in the world (nearly 500,000 in France alone).

So you see that cell phones are part of our daily lives, right? And yet, it’s only recently that the primary function of a cell phone – to make calls – has been available to people who are deaf or hearing-impaired. Cell phone users make an average of 5 calls per day.

And it was with this observation in mind that Olivier Jeannel, a young French entrepreneur who was born deaf, came up with an idea for a new app: Roger Voice, so that deaf people and the hearing-impaired can make phone calls like the rest of the world!

So how does it all work? Very simply, the conversation is transcribed, instantly and continuously. Deaf users take their smartphone or tablet in hand, and simply read the conversation back, as and when their fellow speaker says something. Someone who is unable to speak can also make calls with Roger Voice, where the app will speak whatever they have written on their behalf.

Available for over a year now, this app has a very bright future ahead of it. More than just digital innovation, it’s a step towards changing our behavior and habits in all walks of life.

So, go grab your smartphones!